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Golden Dawn marker

Yuno profile
Name Information
Name Yuno
Kanji ユノ
Rōmaji Yuno
Alias Meal-Saving Prince 「救食の王子様 Kyūshoku no Ōji-sama[1]
Asta(foster brother)
Recca(foster sister)
Nash(foster brother)
Aruru(foster sister)
Hollo(foster brother)
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Black Clover: Jump Festa 2016 Special
Image Gallery
I'm not stopping. I'm not moving. I'm not giving up!!!!

— To Mars in Death Match

Yuno 「ユノ Yuno」 is an orphan who was left under the care of a church in the village of Hage.[2] He is the wielder of the four-leaf clover grimoire and a member of Clover Kingdom's Golden Dawn squad.[3][4] He is the deuteragonist of Black Clover.


Yuno is a young man of average height with a lean build, amber eyes, and messy black hair. His main outfit consists of a pitch-black shirt with a high collar and long sleeves. The sleeves have brown leather that cover the wrists and upper arms. He wears light brown pants that are cut below his knees and, around his waist, a pair of brown belts that cross each other. Additionally, he wears a pair of dark-colored socks and a pair of boots. He carries his grimoire in a pouch strapped at his right-hand side of his waist.

Yuno necklace

Yuno's necklace.

He also possesses a necklace made of a gold-colored chain and a blue stone, which has a gold-colored cross and four-pointed stars at each corner.[5]

After becoming a member of the Golden Dawn squad, Yuno starts wearing its signature squad robe, which covers his torso and is gold in color. The fabric has an intricate design with a similar color palette as the robe. It also has a blue-colored fur around the border of the hood and a pair of blue ropes coming from the left shoulder and connected to the gold-colored button on the right shoulder. The button keeps the robe properly in place. The squad's insignia is positioned at the left-hand side.


Yuno has a calm and emotionless demeanor and speaks only when he really needs to convey his thoughts. His manner of speaking often makes people misinterpret what he means.[6][7] Despite his detached nature, Yuno harbors a strong ambition to be the Magic Emperor, which he developed while growing up with Asta.[8] Additionally, Yuno has a sense of rivalry with him so strong that he will go to any length to stop anyone who tries to put Asta in harm's way.[9]

Because he spent most of his childhood living with Asta, Yuno possesses similar traits as he does. One is his tenacity and will to never give up, both of which he learned from training together with Asta in their early days.[10]

In contrast with his current personality, Yuno used to be more of a crybaby who could not stand up for himself. He started to change after Asta saved him while showing his dream and determination.[11][12]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Wind Magic: Yuno uses this form of magic to generate and manipulate wind. He is proficient with this magic even before he receives his grimoire.[13] He usually uses this magic in the form of whirlwinds that can knock out his opponents in a single hit.[14]
  • Creation Magic: Yuno uses this form of magic to manifest any entities that he desires. He uses this magic with his wind magic to create a wind-based entity.[15]
  • Spirit Magic: Yuno uses this form of magic to summon a spirit that can assist him in battle. He uses this magic to summon Sylph, the wind spirit.[16]


  • Enhanced Magic Power: Yuno possesses above-average Magic Power, as not a single anti-bird flies around him during the Magic Knights entrance exam.[17] It also allows him to cast two different spells concurrently with ease.[18] He easily fights on par with two of the Diamond Kingdom's Eight Shining Generals[19][20] and defeats one of them.[21]
  • Mana Sensory: Yuno possesses the ability to sense mana from his surroundings. In addition, he can see the flow of mana in the form of a flock of winged beings.[22]


  • Grimoire: Yuno wields a four-leaf clover grimoire, which he receives in the acceptance ceremony after he turns 15 years old. The grimoire is similar to the grimoire that the first Magic Emperor received. His grimoire has a gold-colored cover, the gold-colored four-leaf clover insignia at the center of the front cover and intricate ornaments around the borders.[23]



Notable QuotesEdit

  • "I'm not stopping. I'm not moving. I'm not giving up!!!!" 「やめない どかない 諦めない!!!! "Yamenai Dokanai Akiramenai!!!!"[24]


  • One of Yuno's favorite things is the sky.[25]
  • Yuno is the tenth most muscular character.[26]


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