Walter 「ヴァルター Varutā」 is Rill Boismortier's butler[1] and a member of Clover Kingdom's Azure Deer squad of the Magic Knights.[2]


Walter is an elderly gentleman with short light-colored hair that is parted on the left side. He has a large scar running across his forehead and a large mustache.

He wears a dark-colored suit jacket over a light-colored, collared shirt and a dark string tie, and pair of matching suit pants. On his left is a pouch for his grimoire.


Walter is shown to be loyal to his master, risking his own safety and always following Rill.


Walter is hired to serve and look after Rill Boismortier.[3] One day after Rill is particularly destructive, Walter is grievously injured and slaps the boy. The butler explains that Rill needs to first understand others so that they can understand him, and then suggests that Rill join the Magic Knights and show off his magic at its greatest.[4]

Four years later, Walter attends the Magic Knights Entrance Exam with his captain.[2]

Walter follows Rill to the Royal Knights Selection Exam, and after Rill reveals himself, Walter is impressed by how he introduces himself, and then threatens the other Magic Knights. Seeing Rill greet Asta, Walter offers the boy tea, thanking him for being Rill's friend.[5]

During Rill's first match, Walter cheers as Rill unleashes Deux Tempêtes of Fire and Ice,[6] and points out that because Rill loses focus, others have to pick up the slack.[7]



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