Vanessa Enoteca 「バネッサ・エノテーカ Banessa Enotēka」 is a member of Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad. She is from the Witches' Forest.[1]


Vanessa full outfit

Vanessa is a tall woman with a voluptuous body. She has long, wavy pink hair and full lips. She keeps her hair loose in a lob hairstyle. When she is indoors, she prefers to dress only in her undergarments. They consist of a pair of red, thin-strapped lingerie with frilly designs. She usually wears her squad robe on top of this outfit.

When in public, Vanessa covers most of her body, albeit it is still very revealing. She wears a slim, sleeveless, fit, red-violet top and miniskirt with red-violet evening gloves. The design of the top allows her to showcase much of her torso where it is only connected at one point around her navel region. The cups that hold her breasts have curvy edges. Her miniskirt is very short and only covers her buttocks. She also wears dark purple stockings and garter belts underneath her boots.

Her thigh-high red-violet boots are skin tight and split at the collars, creating a V-shape. Lastly, she wears a red-violet hat with a conical crown, which falls onto one side near the end. The hat also has a purple ribbon surrounding its circumference with a pin of intricate design attached to it, and a very wide brim. In addition, she sports a purple belt, connected to a pouch, in which she carries her grimoire, on her right side. Her outfit is completed with a pair of earrings.

As a member of the Black Bull squad, she also dons the squad's signature robe. The robe is short and barely covers her torso, and the Black Bull insignia is on the left side. She wears it in a way that the button which holds the robe together is located at the center of her chest.


Vanessa loves alcohols

Vanessa's fondness of alcoholic drinks.

Vanessa is a person with a very relaxed manner who does things on her own accords. She has a high fondness of alcohol-based drinks and of handsome men.[2] Her love of alcoholic drinks makes her known as the Drunken Frenzy Witch by others. Additionally, she has been shown not to feel embarrassed on wearing revealing attire to attract men.[3]

Furthermore, Vanessa is also a very caring person as she offers her help to assist Noelle on finding a way to control her magic. However, she also likes to seduce her fellow squadmates, like her constant flirtation with Yami Sukehiro.[4] She also seduces Asta on their first encounter.[5]


Vanessa's cage

Vanessa's prison within the Witches' Forest.

Vanessa grows up in the Witches' Forest and becomes a favorite of the Witch Queen, who cages the young girl and demands that she improve her Thread Magic.[6] Years later Yami Sukehiro invades the forest and breaks into her prison,[7] and Vanessa leaves the forest and joins the Black Bulls.[8][9]

Black Bulls welcome their captain

Vanessa and the others welcome their captain.

After getting herself wasted through the the night, Vanessa is woken up by the loud sound of Magna Swing bickering with Luck Voltia.[10] She starts arguing with Magna until Yami steps in and orders all of them to stop. Vanessa, along with the rest of the Black Bull members, immediately greet their captain who just returned from the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. She tries to ask him to join her for a drink but quickly goes quiet when Yami introduces a new member, Asta. Vanessa tries to seduce the new member after hearing that he comes from a small village, but she accidentally vomits near him.[11]

Not long after, Vanessa witnesses Magna's initiation ceremony for Asta, who manages to pass easily and to become officially one of the Black Bull Squad.[12][13] To congratulate him, Vanessa embeds the squad's insignia on Asta's headband.[14] She then tries to introduce herself to him but Magna quickly takes the new member on a tour of the headquarters.[15]

Black Bulls assessing Noelle magical rampant

Vanessa sees Noelle's magical rampage up-close.

Later at dawn, Vanessa is having a drink on one of the headquarters' balconies when she sees a giant sphere of water suddenly manifest itself near the vicinity. She goes near it, along with Yami and a couple of other members, to assess the situation. Fortunately, Yami is able to find a solution and asks Asta to stop it from getting worse. As soon as Asta manages to save Noelle Silva from inside the sphere, Vanessa quickly tries to comfort her along with the other members by offering her assistance on finding a solution to better control her magical power and more.[16]

After that, Vanessa joins a few other members of the Black Bull in the dining hall for a meal. When Asta asks them about the duty of the Magic Knights, Vanessa drunkenly explains that their job is to protect while also mentioning the probability of finding a partner during a bodyguard duty.[17]

Black Bulls enter the black market

Vanessa takes Asta and Noelle to the black market.

Afterwards, when Magna, Asta, and Noelle return from their bout with Heath Grice at Sosshi, Vanessa is there to congratulate them and informs them that the Magic Forensic Division have begun their investigation. She then proceeds to offer Asta and Noelle to come with her on a shopping trip after Yami gave them their first salary. Arriving at Kikka, Vanessa and the two new members quickly garner the attention of the crowd. However, Vanessa remains calm and hopes that they might attract a few good men for her. As soon as they finish their errands at the castle town, Vanessa takes Asta and Noelle to the town's black market, which is hidden behind a wall of an alleyway.[18]

Vanessa and Noelle proceed to find a magic tool that could help improve Noelle's control over her magical power. While looking at a few items, Sekke Bronzazza abruptly approaches them and starts to flirt. Although, Noelle immediately rejects him while Vanessa boorishly watches. A robbery soon occurs, but Asta and Sekke manage easily to stop it. After Asta and Sekke stop the thief, Vanessa quickly inspects Sekke's foot where the thief managed to stab him with a magic tool. After assessing that the wound is harmless, Vanessa informs Sekke while applying a substance to the wound. She and Noelle then come along with Asta to return the stolen item back to the elderly woman before leaving the town.[19]

Vanessa and Yami talking about the new members

Vanessa discusses Asta and Noelle with Yami.

One day, Vanessa is hanging out with a few members of the Black Bull and getting drunk when Yami comes in and informs them about a dungeon appearing at the border between the Clover Kingdom and the Diamond Kingdom. Vanessa tries to explain the significance of a dungeon to the clueless Asta before Yami reveals that the Magic Emperor, Julius Novachrono, has requested the boy for the mission. After, Asta, Noelle, and Luck have gone for the mission, Vanessa tries to ask Yami on the Emperor's awareness of Asta but the captain can only give her a vague answer.[20]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Thread Magic: Vanessa uses this form of magic to generate and manipulate thread.[21] She often uses it to mend and alter clothing for her squadmates.[14][22]


  • Grimoire: Vanessa possesses a grimoire that contains various thread-based spells.
  • Wand: Vanessa carries a wand that she uses to cast her magic. It is in a shape of a rod with a round tip. It is made of light-colored material with amorphous surface.[14]



Notable QuotesEdit

  • "The greatest genius since the founding of the Witches' Kingdom has returned." 「魔女の国始まって以来の天才魔女っ娘が帰って来たわよ〰〰!!! Majo no kuni hajimatte irai no tensai majokko ga kaette kita wa yo~o!!![23]


  • Her favorite things are alcohol and snacks, like cheese.[24]
  • Vanessa is the fifth smartest Black Bull.[25]
  • Vanessa is the fourth most beautiful woman.[26]
  • Vanessa ranked eighth in the first popularity poll.
  • Her surname, Enoteca, is Italian for "wine bar."


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