Smoke Creation Magic: Smoke Binding Cross Prison 「煙創成魔法『煙縛十字牢』 Kemuri Sōsei Mahō "Enbaku Jūjirō"」 is a smoke-based Creation Magic spell.


With an open grimoire, the user crouches in front of the target and touches the ground with both hands. Clouds of smoke then gather and start enveloping the target until they form into a shape of a cross.[1]

The cross still maintains a rough and bulky surface upon forming with additional parts protruding from the corners, creating a thinner additional x-shaped cross. The smoke then solidifies to render the target immobilized by restraining the target's limbs and torso.[1]

Furthermore, the user does not need to maintain a certain stance to keep the spell activated and are able to perform other tasks, subsequently.[2]


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