Salamander 「サラマンダー Saramandā」 is the spirit of fire and currently serves Fana.[1]


Salamander is a small, orange, winged lizard.

When under the influence of Fana's Demon Magic, Salamander becomes more monstrous: its muscles growing, its claws darkening, and a dark stripe appearing around its eyes and reaching down its neck.[2]


Salamander is shown to be loyal to Fana. It's unknown if it is sapient like Sylph.


It is summoned by Fana and uses its breath to blast Yami Sukehiro.[3] When Fana squares off against Nozel Silva, Salamander defends its master.[4]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Fire Magic: Salamander uses this form of magic to manipulate the element of fire. Its flames are hot enough to melt Nozel's Silver Spears.[5]


  • Flight: In its larger form, Salamander can fly with at least one passenger.[6]




  • When Rhya uses a copy of Salamander's Breath, he creates a copy of Salamander.[7]


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