Rick Cornell 「リック・コーネル Rikku Kōneru」 is a member of Clover Kingdom's Coral Peacock squad of the Magic Knights. He is a 3rd Class Intermediate Magic Knight.[1]


Rick is a slender man with short dark hair and a small moustache and goatee.


Rick is loyal to the Magic Emperor and dislikes those who disrespect Julius Nova Chrono.[2][1]


At the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Rick is teamed up with Curtis Warren and Forte Gris, and in the first match of round one, they are pitted against Team B: Mimosa Vermilion, Asta, and "Xerx Lugner".[3]

Rick spying on Team B

Rick scopes out Team B.

While Team B is organizing, Rick hides in the forest and uses his Crystal Scope to monitor the positions of Team B and to report them to his teammates. With this strategy, Team A scores multiple long-range hits on their opponents' crystal.[4] Rick spies that Zora is asleep and confirms with his scope that it is not a ruse.[1] He is surprised when Asta and Mimosa charge directly at their opponents and are able to defend against Curtis and Forte's Union Magic.[5]

After Mimosa and Asta close the distance and attack, Team A surrounds them and release three powerful spells, with Rick creating a large crystal blade.[6] As the spells near Asta, Zora's trap absorbs the spells and returns them to their casters, with greater power. Surprised and unable to defend, Rick is knocked out,[7] and with the destruction of their crystal, Team A loses the match. A group of healing mages see to Team A's injuries.[8]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Crystal Magic: Rick uses this form of magic to generate and manipulate crystal.[9]


  • Grimoire: Rick possesses a grimoire, which contains various crystal-based magic spells.[1]




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