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Restraining Magic
Magic Information
Name Restraining Magic
Kanji 拘束魔法
Rōmaji Kōsoku Mahō

Restraining Magic 「拘束魔法 Kōsoku Mahō」 is a form of magic that allows the users to immobilize their opponents.[1]

Description Edit

This form of magic allows the users to bind and restrict their opponent's movements. Additionally, this magic also disables the target's ability to use magic from the grimoire. However, it does not restrict the usage of a magic tool.[2]

Additionally, restraining magic can be incorporated with various attributes according to the users' elemental affinities. The types and shapes of restriction that the users could manifest vary from ropes that could bind the target to a closed space where the users could imprison their target.[1][3]

Spells Edit

Mars restrained by Klaus
Unnamed steel coffin spell


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