Paulie Angel 「プーリ・エンジェル Pūri Enjeru」 is a member of Clover Kingdom's Blue Rose squad of the Magic Knights. She is a 4th Class Senior Magic Knight.[1]


Paulie is a plump woman with her hair pulled back into several tight buns.

She wears a light-colored blouse whose long sleeves are gathered by dark-colored bracers. Over the shirt, she wears a dark-colored bodice that has a different-colored section in the middle framed by light-colored scallops. She wears a dark-colored belt over light-colored, pleated pants which are gathered by dark-colored, thigh-high boots with light-colored toes and bands across the tops.

She also wears a light-colored, furry cape under her squad robe, and her grimoire hangs in a pouch on her left side.


Paulie is always enthusiastic and will work with others, even if she does not initially like them.[1]


At the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Paulie is placed on Team K with Luck Voltia and Klaus Lunette.[2] During their first match, Paulie grabs the crystal and flies up into the air when her teammates lose focus. She then uses Angel Flapping to distract Team L and to boost Luck forward, but Rob Vitesse appears blocking Luck's way.[3] Luck then kicks Rob into the crystal, destroying it, and Team K are declared the winners, who then high-five each other.[4]

During their second match, Team K plan to take out Lil Bowamoltie before he can exploit their weaknesses so they combine their magic to create Thunder Arrow, with Paulie supporting her teammates from behind. Despite the spell's speed and power, Lil redirects it back at Team K, shattering the crystal and winning the match.[5]

Several days after the exam, Paulie and the others selected to be Royal Knights all assemble in the Royal Capital and are placed under the command of Mereoleona Vermillion.[6][7] After the squad travels to the Gravito Rock Zone, Mereoleona explains the situation and divides the squad into teams. Lil infiltrates the dungeon with Paulie, Fragil Tormenta, and Ruben.[8]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Wing Magic: Paulie uses this magic to form a pair of wings through which she casts spells.[9]


  • Grimoire: Paulie possesses a grimoire that contains various wing-based spells.[9]




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