Paulie Angel 「プーリ・エンジェル Pūri Enjeru」 is a member of Clover Kingdom's Blue Rose squad of the Magic Knights. She is a 4th Class Senior Magic Knight.[1]


Paulie is a plump woman with her hair pulled back into several tight buns.

She wears a light-colored blouse whose long sleeves are gathered by dark-colored bracers. Over the shirt, she wears a dark-colored bodice that has a different-colored section in the middle framed by light-colored scallops. She wears a dark-colored belt over light-colored, pleated pants which are gathered by dark-colored, thigh-high boots with light-colored toes and bands across the tops.

She also wears a light-colored, furry cape under her squad robe, and her grimoire hangs in a pouch on her left side.


Paulie is always enthusiastic and will work with others, even if she does not initially like them.[1]


At the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Paulie is placed on Team K with Luck Voltia and Klaus Lunette.[2] During their first match, Paulie grabs the crystal and flies up into the air when her teammates lose focus. She then uses Angel Flapping to distract Team L and to boost Luck forward, but Rob Vitesse appears blocking Luck's way.[3] Luck then kicks Rob into the crystal, destroying it, and Team K are declared the winners, who then high-five each other.[4]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Wing Magic: Paulie uses this magic to form a pair of wings through which she casts spells.[5]


  • Grimoire: Paulie possesses a grimoire that contains various wing-based spells.[5]




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