Plant Creation Magic: Magic Flower Guidepost 「植物創成魔法『魔花の道標』 Shokubutsu Sōsei Mahō "Maka no Michishirube"」 is a plant-based Creation Magic spell.


With an open grimoire, the user points a finger to a location and multiple vines gather around the area that location and start to intertwine with each other. Flower petals sprout from the tip of the intertwining vines. The flower petals are light-colored with several dark-colored spots covering the area.[1] The flower could also be created directly from the user's mana.[2]

Furthermore, through this spell, the users are able to observe a detailed three-dimensional blueprint of an establishment that the user desired. The blueprint is in a form of a hologram coming from the center of the flower petals.[1]


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