Lotus Whomalt 「ロータス・フーモルト Rōtasu Fūmoruto」 is a mage from the Diamond Kingdom. He is widely known by his nickname, the Hell Lotus.[1]


Lotus is a hairy middle-aged man with a medium length black hair. He also sports a mustache and a goatee, which only covers his chin. One of his notable features is a huge scar, in a shape of a straight line, crosses his upper left chest to his lower right chest. Additionally, he wears a headpiece on his forehead, which has three diamond-shaped ornaments, positioned to the right side of his forehead.

Lotus attires consist of a tunic and a trousers. His light-colored tunic is loose and has a large v-shaped collar that showcases his chest. On top of his tunic, Lotus wears a three-way black belt, which is supported by his right shoulder. His trousers is light-colored and two black fabrics protrude from the waist to his tights with diamond-shaped ornaments at the end. Furthermore, Lotus also wears a pair of black boots with furry collars.

Lastly, Lotus wears a coat on top of his attires. The coat is divided into two colors where it has light-colored fabric for his torso and sleeves while the cuffs and the rest of the coat are dark-colored. Each black lapels have three diamond-shaped ornaments on them.


Lotus tries to escape from Luck

Lotus laid-back attitude.

Lotus is an easy-going and laid-back person who always tries to avoid fighting at all cost.[2] It is not because he does not desire conflict, it is just because he is too lazy to fight as he always complains about draining his magical power every times he fights someone.[3][4] His laid-back personality is also shown from his expression and lack of tension from his actions.[5][6]

In contrast, Lotus is still a mage of high reputation as he could be serious according the circumstances and uses his full potential.[3][7][8]

In addition, Lotus can be considered either a highly experienced strategist or just a coward. This side of him is noted by his tendency of escaping when he realizes his low probability of winning.[9][10][11]

Lotus also has a habit of caressing his goatee.[12][13][14]


During several conflicts, which happen between the Diamond Kingdom and the Clover Kingdom, Lotus encounters Julius Nova Chrono and Yami Sukehiro. During his fight with the latter, Lotus decides to escape after realizing that his chance of winning against him is slim. Unfortunately, he does not manage to escape before Yami inflicted a scarring wound on his chest.[1][15]

Lotus encounters Luck Voltia

Lotus encounters a Clover Kingdom's mage.

Years later, after the emergence of a dungeon at the border between the two Kingdoms, Lotus is assigned to conquer it. He then travels to the dungeon along with several subordinates in which one of them is the Kingdom's secret weapon, Mars. Not long after they arrive at the dungeon and Mars quickly leaves by himself, Lotus encounters a mage from the Clover Kingdom. The mage, Luck Voltia, manages to take down all of his subordinates with relative ease as Lotus remains on the sideline and observes the fight.[16]

This leads him to negotiate the possibility of avoiding a fight with him. Lotus then tries to escape but Luck is able to keep him at bay by constantly attacking him.[17] During the fight, Lotus is on the defensive as he evades all of Luck's attack without giving any significant counterattacks.[18]

Luck suppressing Lotus

Lotus against Luck Voltia.

After he recognized that Luck belongs to the Black Bull squad, Lotus reveals that he has activated a weakening magic spell since Luck's arrivals.[19] As Luck falls to the ground, Lotus tries to leave the Black Bull's Knight to slowly die by himself but the latter gets up and continues the assaults.[20] When Lotus realizes that Luck has released even greater magical power, Lotus decides to end the fight by binding him within a solid smoke structure.[21] Unfortunately, when he tries to take out Luck for good, another mage interferes by destroying Luck's binding.[22]

Seeing that he is about to fight against three mages, Lotus activates a spell, which traps all of them among a veil of smokes while he hides within them.[23] Lotus then continues to observe the Black Bull members while they try to escape by using his mana sensory ability. Suddenly, a barrage of lightning spell attacks head towards him. Lotus manages to easily avoid all of them as he concludes that his opponents are in desperate state. However, Lotus suddenly receives an attack from one of his opponents, Asta.[24]

Lotus heavily injured by Asta

Lotus heavily injured by Asta.

As he is heavily injured by Asta's attack, Lotus gives his remarks to the Clover Kingdom for having a mage that does not possess any magical power. Afterwards, the Diamond Kingdom's mage escapes along with his fallen subordinates as he is aware of his physical condition. As they increase their distance for the Black Bull's mages, Lotus puts his hope for the mission's completion on Mars.[25]

Unfortunately, Mars attempts to defeat the Clover Kingdom's mages and conquer the dungeon also resulted in failure as Lotus observes the fight while keeping himself hidden. When the dungeon starts collapsing, Lotus manages to escape by following the trails of the Clover Kingdom's mages. He is also able to secure a hefty amount of treasures from the dungeon's treasury and saves the unconscious Mars.[26] On the way back to the Diamond Kingdom, Lotus is surprised when the unspoken Mars offers him a gratitude for saving his life.[27]

Lotus faces William and Yami

Lotus faces two captains.

Lotus is part of an army led by three of the Eight Shining Generals to attack Kiten.[28] During the ensuing battle, Lotus notices the roots William Vangeance has spread across the town and tries to warn the generals of the magic, but they ignore him. William then creates Great Tree Misteltein and Lotus is shocked by the amount of mana.[29] While William is distracted dealing with Broccos, Lotus sneaks up the tree and ambushes the captain, but Yami appears and manages to slash Lotus' shoulder. Lotus recognizes Yami and decides to call a retreat. He flies off with Broccos and several Diamond mages in a smoke cart.[30]

Upon return to the Diamond Kingdom, Lotus informs the new generation of Eight Shining Generals about the failed invasion.[31]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Smoke Magic: Lotus uses this form of magic to manipulate smoke. He uses this magic for its stealth ability in which could make him transparent to others.[32]
  • Creation Magic: Lotus uses this form of magic to create any entities composed solely of smoke. Lotus usually uses this magic to trap his opponents within smoke.[33][34]
  • Weakening Magic: Lotus uses this form of magic where he can change his smoke to have a poisonous properties. He usually uses it to weaken his opponent and avoid battle.[35]


  • Mana Sensory: Lotus possesses the ability to sense mana in others and his surrounding. He uses this ability to locate the position of his opponent while he is surrounded by thick smoke. He sees them in the form of lights where each light represents an individual.[4]


  • Grimoire: Lotus possesses a grimoire, which contains his smoke-based magic spells. His grimoire has a light-colored covers in which each covers has intricate ornaments on them. The center of the front cover also has a diamond insignia on it.[36]



Initial ConceptsEdit



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