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Unnamed 1st Arc Edit

Illustration Fight Outcome
Asta vs LebutyAsta vs. LebutyAsta is victorious
Asta and Sekke - Exam BattleAsta vs. Sekke BronzazzaAsta is victorious
Cage of Infinite HailAsta, Magna Swing and Noelle Silva vs. Heath GriceAsta, Magna Swing and Noelle Silva are victorious

Dungeon Exploration Arc Edit

Illustration Fight Outcome
Lotus encounters Luck VoltiaLuck Voltia vs. Lotus WhomaltAsta interferes the fight
Golden Dawns vs MarsKlaus Lunette and Yuno vs. MarsAsta interferes the fight
The Black Bulls trapped in smoke cloudsLuck Voltia, Asta and Noelle Silva vs. Lotus WhomaltLotus Whomalt escapes the fight
Asta vs MarsAsta vs. MarsYuno interferes and defeats Mars

Royal Capital Arc Edit

Illustration Fight Outcome
Asta charging towards RadesAsta vs. RadesFuegoreon Vermilion interferes the fight
Yuno evading bullets of ashesYuno vs. CatherineYuno is victorious
Fuegoreon easily defeats CarlFuegoreon Vermilion vs. RadesFuegoreon Vermilion is victorious

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