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Unnamed 1st Arc Edit

Illustration Event Outcome
15-year-olds receive their grimoireGrimoire Acceptance CeremonyAsta and Yuno receive their grimoires
Magic Knights entrance exam venueMagic Knights Entrance ExamAsta and Yuno enter the Magic Knights
Asta initiation testBlack Bull Initiation CeremonyAsta becomes a full-fledged Black Bull member
Noelle's Magical RampantNoelle's Magical RampantNoelle accepts her Black Bull membership

Dungeon Exploration Arc Edit

Illustration Event Outcome
Black Bulls vs. Golden DawnsBlood Brothers ReunionAsta reunited with Yuno for a moment
Treasures of the dungeonHidden Treasures: the Sword and the WindAsta and Yuno find powerful magical artefacts

Royal Capital Arc Edit

Illustration Event Outcome
Magic Knights awarding ceremonyWar Merits Conferment CeremonySeveral top-tier Magic Knights are being promoted to higher ranks
Asta declares his ascension to EmperorDeclaration of AscensionSeveral top-tier Magic Knights are aware of Asta's ambition
The undead invade the royal capitalThe Undead InvasionSeveral Magic Knights are forcefully transported away from the Royal Capital
Fuegoreon defeatedAssassination of Fuegoreon VermilionFuegoreon survived the attempt, but lost an arm and a pendant

Blind Date Arc Edit

Illustration Event Outcome
Black Bull blind dateBlack Bull Blind DateAsta meets Rebecca while Finral and Luck are rejected

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