Sister Lily Aquaria 「シスター・リリー・アクアリア Shisutā Rirī Akuaria[1] is a nun and caretaker at the orphanage in Hage.[2]


Lily is a young woman with dark hair, her bangs parted to the sides, with more on the right side of her forehead(covering most of her right brow). She has large, kind teal eyes, lined with long lashes. She has relatively pale skin, with a black beauty mark dotting her skin under her right eye.

Lily wears a nun's habit, along with a gold cross that falls passed her large bosom.

She overall has a healthy, curvy figure shown off by her rather tight nuns habit.


Lily is shown to be stern and kind. Often shown as a motherly character, as she often takes care of the younger children, cooks, and scolds when the children are misbehaving particularly Asta when he demands she marry him.


Lily heals Asta

Lily heals Asta's injuries.

One day, when they are young, Yuno returns to the church with a heavily injured Asta, and Lily heals the boy's injuries. Lily notices a change in the boys after that day: Asta always runs off by himself and returns dirty and Yuno no longer cries.[3]

Lily goes to Theresa Rapual's church in Nairn for training and, some time later, tells her about Asta.[4]

Asta proposes to Lily, but she quickly refuses. He insists even after she forcefully silences him with a spell. He finally stops when Yuno interrupts him.[5] Yuno then helps Lily with the laundry, spin-drying it with his Wind Magic.[6] When Asta is disheartened by his own lack of magic, Lily approaches him and suggests that attaining a grimoire might trigger his ablities. The boy then runs off, and Yuno tells her not to worry.[7]

The following March, many of the villagers gather to watch the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony.[8] Lily and the others from the orphanage are shocked when Asta does not receive one but Yuno receives a four-leaf clover. Lily grows concerned for Asta after Yuno refuses to acknowledge him as a rival.[9]

Six months later, Orgi and Lily visit Drouot and ask about Asta's grimoire, but the old man admits to being clueless about it.[10]

Nash defends Lily

Nash defends Lily from an elf.

Several months later, the villagers of Hage are left confused after the kingdom is saved from the Arrows of Judgment and the demon skeleton shines with light. They watch as a dungeon rises over the skeleton and passes overhead. A possessed Purple Orca then attacks the villagers.[11] Lily fights back but her magic is too weak. When the Knight attacks her, Nash jumps in front of her. The pair are saved by Yuno and Asta.[12]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Water Magic: Lily uses this form of magic to manipulate the element of water.[13]


  • Magic Power: Lily possesses a large amount of magic power, as an elf confuses her for a noble.[14]


  • Grimoire: Lily possesses a grimoire that contains water-based spells.[13]



Being one of the people who raised and looked after Asta, she cares deeply for his wellbeing and is usually supportive, yet stern of the young boy. Asta has repeatedly proposed to marry her, often several times at once, which she has flat denied just as many times despite his insistence prompting her to use Magic at times to draw a line.


Looking after Yuno, she cares deeply for him and often gives him chores, and trusts him to get the job done and correctly.


  • Lily ranked eleventh in the first popularity poll and 26th in the second.
  • Aquaria is Latin for "of or pertaining to water," a reference to Lily's Water Magic.
  • Lily's favorite things are hot cocoa and the church's children.[1]


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