Crystal Creation Magic: Laevateinn 「鉱石創成魔法『レーヴァテイン』 Kōseki Sōsei Mahō "Rēvatein"」 is a crystal-based Creation Magic spell.


With an open grimoire, the user creates an enormous sword with three points and composed entirely of crystal structures. The blade of the sword itself has a very amorphous surface where it is made out of roughly cut crystals, except for the edges where it has a smooth surface. The sword's guard and grip have a similar texture as the blade with a rough sphere-shaped pommel at the end. Additionally, two large crystals can be seen embedded at the center of the fuller near the guard and the points.[1]

The user controls the sword through arm gestures and it would seem that the size of the sword does not have an effect on the difficulty of maneuvering the sword nor the speed of the sword's movements.[2] Due to it being composed of crystal structures, the sword has a very strong hardness and cannot be easily broken by outside forces.[3]



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