Ladros 「ラドロス Radorosu」 is a mage from the Diamond Kingdom and one of its Eight Shining Generals.[2]


Ladros is a young man with medium-length, blond hair and pale skin. He has black scleras and red irises but no visible pupils.[3]

He has three small, red gems in a horizontal line in the middle of his forehead and a larger red gem on his sternum. They break after Asta strikes him with his Demon-Slayer Sword and Anti Magic.[4]

As a child, his eyes appear normal.[5]



Since he was born without a magic affinity, Ladros is ridiculed and treated poorly.[1][6] As a child he trains along with Mars and Fana under Fanzell Kruger.[5]

After Fanzell leaves the Diamond Kingdom, Ladros undergoes the Kingdom's reconstructive surgery and gains the ability to absorb and emit mana.[7]

Mars and Ladros lead an army

Ladros and Mars lead an army to the Witches' Forest.

Years later, Ladros and the other new generation of the Eight Shining Generals hear about the failed invasion of Kiten from Lotus Whomalt.[8] Ladros and Mars lead the Diamond Kingdom's forces in an assault on the Witches' Forest, while Fana leads the White Night Eye's forces and attacks the forest from the opposite side.[9]

Fanzell confronts the Diamond Kingdom army, and Ladros does not initially recognize him but then gets excited at the prospect of facing his old teacher, firing a blast of mana. Fanzell easily cuts it and prepares to attack.[10] When Fanzell asks them to leave, Ladros explains that their king is dying and wants the secret to the Witch Queen's longevity, and that they will not leave without it. Fanzell charges past Ladros and Mars and attacks their soldiers.[11]

As Ladros watches the battle, he get excited and decides to jump in but is easily captured by Fanzell, who predicted Ladros' reckless impatience. Fanzell asks Ladros to leave again, but Ladros replies that Fanzell was the one who raised them to be killing machines and that they will not leave. Fanzell then slashes Ladros[12] but it is does nothing. Ladros is then attacked with a powerful spell but Ladros easily absorbs the spell to Fanzel's surprised. Ladros explains to Fanzel how he gained the ability to absorb and expel mana to the kingdom's reconstruction surgery. Ladros then releases his mana and asks if Fanzel had brought who he cared about, which Fanzel rushes off. Ladros launches a powerful spell that manages to devastates the battlefield.

As Ladros looks over the devastation, Ladros notices that Fanzel had protected someone. Ladros kicks Fanzel away and picks Dominante up which Ladros manages to recognizes her. When Fanzel says that Ladros needs to use his powers for good, Ladros tells Fanzel the real reason why he wants to use his powers. Ladros then calls Fanzel a coward, which Dominante fires a blast and says that her husband is not a coward. Ladros launches Dominante into the air and fires a blast at her, but the blast is blocked by Mars.

Ladros asks what Mars is doing, which Ladros gets excited to face Mars after hearing Mars answer. As Ladros prepares to fire a blast, Mariella shows up and attacks but Ladros absorbs the attack. Ladros expresses how he hated Mars when they were children and expresses his excitement about face Mars, but is suddenly attacked by Mars. Ladros recovers and launches an attack towards Mars, which Mars easily dodges and protects Fanzel, Dominante, and Mariella. Ladros is suddenly attacked by Fanzel and Mars, and sent flying. Ladros then chases Mars and Fanzel, as they head to were Asta is.

When they reach the other side of the forest, Ladros is hit by a blast from Salamander that was redirected towards him. Ladros is seemed to be defeated but Ladros releases all his mana in order to absorb the mana of Salamander. After finishing absorbing the mana, Ladros attacks the group. Fanzel asks Ladros how he survived, Ladros explains what he did to absorb the mana. Ladros sees Mars and attack, but Asta shows up and counters the attack. As Asta prepares to attack, Ladros tries to presuade Asta to his side while all the while planning to betray Asta, but Asta is against his idea.

Ladros quickly get on a log and uses it to get out of Asta's reach, while all the while firing blasts at Asta. Ladros starts to gloat over Asta for not being able to hit him, but is suddenly struck by one of Asta's swords. Ladros then notices that his mana is leaving him and tries to pull the sword out but can't. Ladros then tries to presuades Asta that he has changed but Asta still plans to attacks. Ladros quickly escapes and manages to pull the sword from his body. Ladros then manages to get Fana to attack with Salamander and absorb its mana. Ladros expresses how amazing the power is and attacks Asta from a distance. Ladros then watches as Asta gets back on his feet while also being surrounded by a dark mass, which Ladros feels a strange sensation from it. Ladros fires a blast, but Asta easily cuts right through it. Ladros tries to avoid Asta by jumping up in the air, but Asta easily changes direction and defeat Ladros.

Ladros notices that all of his mana is gone and thinks about how this is his limit. As Asta reaches him, Ladros tells Asta to kill him, but Asta says that Ladros has to pay for what he did. Ladros starts to laugh and says that he can't win. Asta comments about how Ladros is acting strange, which Ladros says that the stone that was on his forehead was broken and now he feel lighter. Ladros then thinks about how if it was Asta, he might have been able to climb higher. Ladros is then captured along with everyone else when the Witch Queen arrives. After Vanessa manages to defeat the Witch Queen, Ladros along with the rest are freed.

After everything is done, Ladros decides to head back to the Diamond Kingdom with Mars. Ladros plans to help Mars in order to be someone that his teacher Fanzel can be proud of. Ladros and Mars then head back to the Diamond Kingdom.

Battle ProwessEdit



  • Magic Bullet: Ladros is capable of manifesting and concentrating his mana on his hand. Subsequently, he can launch the mana towards an opponent, blasting them away.[14] He can also condense them into beams.[15]
  • Absorption and Emission 「吸収と放射 Kyūshū to Hōsha」: After undergoing the Diamond Kingdom's experiments, Ladros gains the ability to absorb magic attacks and release the collected magic at will.[16] However, he is limited in the amount of mana that he can contain.[17]
  • Enhanced Strength: Ladros has a great amount of strength, shown when he picks up Domina Code with one hand and easily tosses her in the air.[18]
  • Enhanced Durability: With his expertise in Reinforcement Magic, Ladros possesses high durability, as he takes several direct sword strikes from Fanzell[13][19] and a point-blank magic bullet from Dominante with little to no damage.[20]
  • Immense Magic Power: As a child, Ladros possesses more mana than any of his classmates[1] and is able to intimidate his former teacher by releasing his power.[21]


  • Grimoire: Ladros possesses a grimoire that he uses to activate his spells.[22]




Fanzell KrugerEdit


Notable QuotesEdit

  • "If there is something you want, take it by force." 「欲しいモノは力ずくで奪う "Hoshī mono wa chikarazuku de ubau"[23]
  • "There are only two types of people in this world, the ones using and the ones being used. I've won and climbed this high by using those so called 'friends'." 「この世には利用するヤツかされるヤツの2種類しかいないんだよ オレは周りの"仲間"ってヤツらを利用して勝ち上がって来た "Konoyo ni wa Riyō suru yatsu ka Sa reru yatsu no 2 shurui shika Inainda yo. Ore wa mawari no 'Nakama'-tte yatsu-ra o Riyō shite Kachi agatte kita."[24]


  • Ladros is the fifth most muscular character.[25]
  • Ladros' favorite things are the color red and meat sauce.[26]
  • Ladros ranked 27th in the first popularity poll.


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