Kiato 「キアト Kiato」 is a priest of the Seabed Temple.


Kiato is a young man with dark hair.

As a priest he wears a swordfish mask and a light-colored, hooded robe.



Kahono and Kiato are healed

Kiato's leg is healed.

Asta invites Kiato and Kahono to the Star Awarding Festival. Once there, he uses a bottle of Witch Queen's magic to heal Kiato's leg and Kahono's throat. Kiato hugs Asta, and Kahono then suggests that they go on a double date.[1]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Butoh Magic: Kiato uses this form of magic to cast spells through dancing. As he dances, he enters a trance and his attacks become unpredictable.[2]


  • Expert Swordsman: Kiato is very proficient in swordsmanship, combining his sword skills with his dance moves,[4] and fights Asta on even ground.[5]
  • Enhanced Endurance: He survives after being sent flying into a stone wall by Vetto, and continues to fight.[6]
  • Enhanced Mana Sensory: Like the rest of his family, Kiato has great perceptive abilities in regards to mana. Even from a distance he can sense the types of mana being used.[7]
  • Enhanced Magic Power: Like the rest of his family, Kiato possesses a large amount of magic power, on the level of a Senior Magic Knight.[8]


  • Swords: Kiato has a pair of matching swords.[9]




Noelle SilvaEdit

Kiato develops a crush on Noelle Silva when she talks to Kahono after the Temple Battle Royale. He calls her "Sea Goddess" 「海神の女神 Kaijin no Megami」 and resolves to show her his dance of love.[10]


  • Kiato likes dancing and Raque's meat cuisines.[11]
  • Kiato is the ninth most muscular character.[12]


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