Jamon Caseus 「ハモン・カーセウス Hamon Kāseusu」 is a nobleman and a member of Clover Kingdom's Golden Dawn squad of the Magic Knights. He is a 2nd Class Intermediate Magic Knight.[1]


Jamon is a chubby man with a brushed back light colored hair with some strands spun and sticking upwards.

He wears a double-breasted and long-sleeved shirt with a high collar and red trimmings on the edges. The collar also has a chain connecting both ends of the collar as an ornament. The shirt itself is made of two different colors where it is white at the side and red on the middle. The sleeves are mostly in white fabric, except the wrist area where it is red fabric. The shirt extends below his waist and Jamon also wears a light-colored sash on top of it. Furthermore, Jamon also wears a casual white pants and a pair of high boots to complement it. The black boots also have fur around the collar. 

Jamon wears the Golden Dawns signature squad robe, which covers his torso and is gold in color. The fabric has an intricate design with a similar color palette as the robe. It also has a blue-colored fur around the border of the hood and a pair of blue ropes coming from the left shoulder and connected to the gold-colored button on the right shoulder. The button keeps the robe properly in place. The squad's insignia is positioned at the left-hand side.


Jamon is a cheerful man who enjoys eating and sharing food with others.[2][3]


Knights gathering for an award ceremony

Jamon attends the War Merits Conferment Ceremony.

Jamon is invited to a War Merits Conferment Ceremony at the Magic Knights headquarters, which he attends with Alecdra Sandler and Siren Tium. Julius Nova Chrono arrives and brings 5 lower-ranked Magic Knights along with him to attend the ceremony.[4] During the ceremony, Jamon is promoted to a 2nd Class Intermediate Magic Knight for collecting 7 stars.[1]

At the end of the ceremony, Jamon and the other Magic Knights are invited to a celebratory banquet that the Magic Emperor had prepared.[5] After Julius leaves to attend another matter, several Knights begin to scrutinize the unwanted guests that Julius had brought, but Jamon does not participate.[6] As Asta and the others bicker and shout among themselves, Jamon wonders if they cannot be quiet.[7]

The Golden Dawns rolling out to battle

Jamon, Siren, and Klaus head to the Eastern District.

Suddenly someone enters the banquet hall and informs everyone that the Royal Capital has been invaded.[8] After a strategy meeting with the rest of the Knights, Fuegoreon Vermilion orders the Golden Dawns to split up and protect the Royal Capital's Northwest and Eastern Districts. Jamon then rides with Siren and Klaus Lunette in Klaus' steel chariot.[9] Arriving in the Eastern District, Jamon comments that seeing the corpses has made him lose his appetite. However, he resolves to destroy them[10] and tears them apart with Verre Fleur.[11]

After all the corpses are defeated, Valtos activates Blackout and transports Jamon and the other Magic Knights a considerable distance away from the Royal Capital.[12]

Return of the Knights

The Magic Knights return to the Royal Capital.

The stranded knights combine their magical power together to create a composite spell that quickly carries them back to the Royal Capital. Jamon comments that combining their power was not so bad.[13] After the White Night Eyes retreat, Jamon watches as Mimosa Vermilion heals Fuegoreon and Leopold Vermilion.[14]

After Fuegoreon and Leopold are taken to the medical ward and the city's defenses have been recovered, Julius returns with Asta, surprising the Magic Knights.[15] The Magic Knights and Julius go over the events of the invasion, and the knights all promise to increase their strength, before returning to their squads' headquarters.[16]

Months later, Jamon attends the Royal Knights Selection Exam[17] and is placed on Team E with Leopold and Finral Roulacase.[18] As their first match begins, Jamon argues with Leopold about whose magic to use, before Finral suggests using his Spatial Magic to coordinate their attacks.[19] While Team F is distracted by Leopold, Jamon strikes the crystal with multiple glass swords and is impressed with how skilled Finral is for a Black Bull. Leopold then destroys the crystal, and Team E is announced as the winners.

Charmy asks Jamon for food

Charmy asks Jamon for food.

Afterwards Jamon offers his team a basket of sandwiches and suggests that they get to know each other better.[20] Jamon gladly shares one with Charmy Pappitson when she appears and asks for one.[21]

At the beginning of their second match, Jamon locates Team G's crystal just as Langris Vaude and Sekke Bronzazza find Team E. Once Finral confirms that he can defend against Langris' attacks, he sends Jamon and Leopold to the tower. The pair burst through the door and land in Fragil Tormenta's Miniature Garden of Illusory Snow, which forces Jamon to sleep.[22]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Glass Magic: Jamon uses this form of magic to generate and manipulate glass.[11]
  • Creation Magic: Jamon uses this form of magic to create anything he desires from a glass.[11]


  • Grimoire: Jamon possesses a grimoire that contains various glass-based spells.[11]



Initial ConceptsEdit


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