Crystal Creation Magic: Harpe 「鉱石創成魔法『ハルパー』 Kōseki Sōsei Mahō "Harupā"」 is a crystal-based Creation Magic spell.


Upon activating the spell, multiple blades in a shape of a harpe would manifest around the users. Additionally, the users are able to freely manipulate it without the need of any direct contact with them.[1]

The users then can use those harpe-shaped blades as projectile weapons and launches them toward their target. Once being launched, the blades would move in rotative motion with the sharp edge at the outer side. Through creating multiple blades, the users can launch a barrage of attacks that are strong enough to send their target flying on the opposite direction.[2]


  • This spell was originally classified as Mineral Creation Magic 「鉱物創成魔法 Kōbutsu Sōsei Mahō」 but was changed in Chapter 88.


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