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Item Information
Name Grimoire

The Grimoire魔道書グリモワール Gurimowāru」 is the source of power for the Magic Knights, and sorcerers. Grimoires are books that allow users to cast spells.


Grimoires are magical items that bestow the user with the ability to use Magic. They are usually granted to users during the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony. They also serve as a written record for all of a user's spells. As the owner of a grimoire grows, new magic spells are inscribed into the book. [1]

Known GrimoiresEdit

Grimoire Magic Owner Affiliation
Asta Grimoire Anti Magic
Anti Magic Weapon
Asta Black Bull
Broccos grimoire Red Ochre Magic
Creation Magic
Broccos Diamond Kingdom
Catherine grimoire Ash Magic
Curse Magic
Catherine White Night Eye
Charlotte grimoire Thorn Magic
Creation Magic
Charlotte Roselei Blue Rose
Charmy's grimoire Cotton Magic
Creation Magic
Restraining Magic
Charmy Papittoson Black Bull
Fanzell grimoire Wind Magic
Creation Magic
Restraining Magic
Fanzell Kruger None
Finral grimoire Spatial Magic Finral Roulacase Black Bull
Fuegoreon grimoire Fire Magic
Creation Magic
Restraining Magic
Fuegoreon Vermilion Crimson Lion
Gauche grimoire Mirror Magic Gauche Adlai Black Bull
Gifso grimoire Game Magic Gifso Seabed Temple
Gueldre grimoire Permeation Magic
Creation Magic
Gueldre Poizot Violet Orca
Heath grimoire disintegrating Ice Magic
Composite Magic
Heath Grice White Night Eye
Jack's Grimoire Slash Magic Jack the Ripper Green Mantis
Kahono grimoire Song Magic
Healing Magic
Union Magic
Kahono Seabed Temple
Klaus' grimoire Steel Magic
Creation Magic
Restraining Magic
Klaus Lunette Golden Dawn
Ladros grimoire Reinforcement Magic Ladros Diamond Kingdom
Liar grimoire Imitation Magic
Spatial Magic
Light Magic
Dark Magic
Healing Magic
Liar White Night Eye
Licht grimoire Light Magic
Healing Magic
Creation Magic
Licht White Night Eye
Lily's grimoire Water Magic
Creation Magic
Healing Magic
Lily Clover Kingdom
Lotus grimoire Smoke Magic
Creation Magic
Weakening Magic
Lotus Whomalt Diamond Kingdom
Luck grimoire Lightning Magic
Creation Magic
Luck Voltia Black Bull
Magna Grimoire Fire Magic
Restraining Magic
Creation Magic
Magna Swing Black Bull
Mars grimoire Crystal Magic
Fire Magic
Creation Magic
Healing Magic
Mars Diamond Kingdom
Mimosa grimoire Plant Magic
Creation Magic
Healing Magic
Mimosa Vermilion Golden Dawn
Neige grimoire Snow Magic
Creation Magic
Restraining Magic
Neige None
Noelle's grimoire Water Magic
Creation Magic
Noelle Silva Black Bull
Owen's grimoire Water Magic
Healing Magic
Owen Clover Kingdom
Rades grimoire Soul Corpse Magic Rades White Night Eye
Ragus' grimoire Lightning Magic
Creation Magic
Ragus Diamond Kingdom
Sekke grimoire Bronze Magic
Curse Magic
Creation Magic
Sekke Bronzazza Green Mantis
Siren grimoire Rock Magic
Creation Magic
Siren Tium Golden Dawn
Sol grimoire Earth Magic
Creation Magic
Sol Marron Blue Rose
Solido grimoire Water Magic
Creation Magic
Restraining Magic
Solido Silva Silver Eagle
Theresa's grimoire Fire Magic
Healing Magic
Creation Magic
Theresa Rapual Clover Kingdom
Vetto's grimoire Beast Magic Vetto White Night Eye
Witch Queen grimoire Blood Magic
Healing Magic
Creation Magic
Witch Queen Witches' Forest
Yami grimoire Dark Magic
Reinforcement Magic
Restraining Magic
Yami Sukehiro Black Bull
Yargos grimoire Mucus Magic Yargos Diamond Kingdom
Yuno Grimoire Wind Magic
Creation Magic
Spirit Magic
Yuno Golden Dawn


  • Most of the grimoires received by the people of the Clover Kingdom have a three-leaf clover on the covers. The leaves of the clover each symbolize certain virtues: Faith, Hope, and Love. The rare fourth leaf represents Fortune. The fifth leaf is said to represent a Demon.[2]


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