Gio 「ジオ Jio」 is a priest of the Seabed Temple.


Gio is an older man with short dark hair, except for a long ponytail in the back and three strands that hang in the front. Gio has a goatee and two bunches of hair on each side of his mouth. Gio also has thick eyebrows that fringe on the edges.

As a priest he wears a hammerhead shark mask and a light-colored, hooded robe.



Gio and the other priests are summoned by Gifso for the Temple Battle Royale, and are then separated with and pitted against members of the Black Bull squad.[1] Finral senses Gio's strength and tries to run away before he is noticed.[2]

Beast Magic Whale

Gio crushed by Vetto's whale.

Gio then encounters Luck Voltia and Magna Swing, and suggests that they come at him all at once. As he apologizes for his father's game, Gio manifests a large hammer and hand. Vetto suddenly crashes through the temple's wall and the whale aura smashes Gio into the ground.[3] Gio stands up and commends Vetto's Beast Magic for overcoming the currents and breaking through the temple, and asks why Vetto is there. Vetto replies that the White Night Eye is after the magic stone, like the Magic Knights, and dispatches his men. Gio admonishes them for coming unannounced and for underestimating his strength. He then swings his watery hammer, but Vetto blocks it with Rhinoceros Armor and blitzes with Cheetah Charge, knocking out the priest and Luck and Magna.[4]

When Vetto later attacks the unconscious fighters with a Demon Beast Magic spell, Vanessa Enoteca uses her Thread Magic to pull them all to safety.[5]

After the Black Bulls have won and recovered, the temple's citizens bid them farewell, with Gio crying from gratitude.[6]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Water Magic: Gio uses this form of magic to generate and manipulate water.[7]


  • Enhanced Endurance: When Vetto invades the Seabed Temple, Gio survives being crushed by his magic and continues to fight.[11]
  • Enhanced Mana Sensory: Like the rest of his family, Gio has great perceptive abilities in regards to mana.[12]


  • Grimoire: Gio possesses a grimoire, which contains water-based spells that he uses in combat.[10]



Initial ConceptsEdit


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