Finral Roulacase 「フィンラル・ルーラケイス Finraru Rūrakeisu」 is a nobleman of House Vaude[1] and a member of Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad of the Magic Knights. He is from Tota, a village within the Clover Kingdom.[2]


Finral is a slender young man of average height and build.  He has "droopy" eyes, and his dirty blond hair is somewhat unruly. After training hard, his hair is also effected by his magic and somehow change the color to red-ish in edges. He generally has a pleasant, smiling expression.

Despite being nobility, his outfit is fairly simple. On top of a white under shirt, he wears a light green, loose-fitting tunic with long sleeves and long tails at the back. He also wears dark trousers and a green pair of wide, knee-high boots that lace up the front. He wears the short Black Bulls mantle and his grimoire holder is on his left hip.


Finral is a womanizer as shown when he is easily distracted by women[3] and asks out those he just met.[4]

He is extremely excitable, often reacting to situations in an exaggerated and comedic way. He is initially quite cowardly, always trying to avoid dangerous situations where he might be hurt or killed but is easily bribed into bravery when females are involved.

He is repeatedly frustrated when his comrades treat him poorly despite that he outranks them.

When he was younger, Finral was a far more earnest individual. But after being cast aside by his family for not showing the same aptitude for magic as his younger brother, Finral made a conscious decision to run away from reality and simply try to have fun.

He is a realist who accepts that he can never best his brother, but despite that, he has the newfound determination to try to make the Black Bulls the best squad by supporting them with his magic.


Finral accompanies Yami Sukehiro and other members of the Black Bull squad to the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. There, Asta runs into Yami, and Finral has to save him from the captain's wrath.[5] During the exam, Finral stands behind Yami's seat.[6] He is impressed with Sekke Bronzazza's level of magic[7] and confused by Asta's attack.[8]

Afterwards, because Asta cannot fly on a broom and has no other Movement Magic, Finral opens a portal for him to the Black Bull's base.[9] When Magna Swing challenges Asta, Finral watches with the rest of the Black Bull squad and is impressed that he does not have to save the rookie like usual.[10] After Asta nullifies Noelle Silva's rampaging mana, Finral saves them from falling with his magic.[11] Afterwards, Finral welcomes her to the squad and invites her to dinner.[4]

Black Bull blind date

Finral goes on a triple date with Luck and Asta.

After the battle in the Royal Capital, Asta returns to the Black Bull's base, and Finral appears and invites him on a triple date.[12] To break the awkward silence on the date, Finral introduces himself and uses a portal to grab flowers from Mount Anahu. He then prompts Luck Voltia and Asta to introduce themselves and senses that the girls are losing interest.[13] He offers to take Erica and show her a view.[14] After the date, Finral is left in tears because Asta caused a fight and Erica thought the Black Bulls were trouble.[15]

When Asta, Gauche Adlai, and Sister Theresa go after the kidnapped children, Noelle contacts headquarters, which sends for the closest squad, the Black Bulls. However, most of them are hungover, including Finral, whom Yami forces to accompany him.[16] Finral opens a portal to the cave in time for Yami to save Asta from Licht's attack.[17] Finral remarks on Licht's vast mana and rare magic before taking Gauche, Theresa, and the children to safety, at Asta's request. As Finral leaves, Yami tells him that he had better come back and then saves him from Licht's attack.[18]

Back in Nairn, Finral watches as Theresa is healed. After receiving extra mana, Gauche orders Finral to take him back to the cave, despite being lower ranked. However, Finral suggests waiting for reinforcements and points out that those with large mana pools make it difficult for his magic to get close and that he has had to transport many people already, to which Gauche bows his head and asks politely.[19] The two jump to the cave and Finral hardly recognizes it.[20]



Battle ProwessEdit


  • Spatial Magic: Finral uses this rare form of magic to manipulate space.[3] However, he has to see or to have seen where he wants to open a portal.[21]


  • Grimoire: Finral possesses a grimoire, which contains space-based spells that he could use during combat.




  • His favorite things are girls.[22]
  • Finral ranked fifteenth in the first Popularity Poll.[23]


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