Eye of the Midnight Sun 「白夜の魔眼 Byakuya no Magan」 is a group of rogue mages with a goal to decimate the Clover Kingdom.[1]


The Eye of the Midnight Sun appears to be very influential. They are also powerful enough to almost rival the Clover Kingdom and possess many mages loved by mana. They all despise the Clover Kingdom. They are led by Licht, and all members speak highly of him and will never betray him. They even place seals to prevent information being leaked by members.[2]

They are actively seeking out the magic stones, going so far as to launch attacks on the Royal Capital of Clover Kingdom,[3] the Seabed Temple,[4] and the Witches' Forest.[5]

The Witch Queen suspects that its members are descendants of elves because of their magic and their quest for the magic stones.[6]

Patolli refuses to injure Gauche Adlai fatally[7][8] and orders the Eye of the Midnight Sun not to kill him[9] because Gauche is one of the hosts for a reincarnated elf spirit.[10]


Of the about 50 members,[11] the three strongest fighters are the Third Eye 「三魔眼サードアイ Sādoai」, who are given epithets in opposition to the Clover Kingdom's three virtues.[12]

Those humans who join are given "true names" 「真の名 Makoto no Na[13] and are promised to be reborn into their "true forms" 「真の姿 Shin no Sugata」.[14] This ceremony is actually for marking them as sacrifices for a Reincarnation Magic spell.[15]

They have multiple informants within the Magic Knights,[16] including the captain of the Golden Dawn squad, William Vangeance.[17][18] Some of them are unwitting traitors,[19] like Gueldre Poizot.[20]

Name Rank Status
RhyaThird Eye "Treachery"Active
VettoThird Eye "Despair"Deceased
FanaThird Eye "Hatred"Former
Rades SpiritoMemberFormer
Heath GriceMemberDeceased
Gauche Adlai / DroitMemberPossessed
Marie Adlai / EcraMemberPossessed
Luck Voltia / LufuluMemberFreed
Ben BenfunkMemberPossessed
Fragil TormentaMemberPossessed
Puli AngelMemberPossessed
Rill Boismortier / LiraMemberPossessed
Ruben Chagar / RossaMemberPossessed
Siren TiumMemberPossessed
Nils RagusMemberPossessed
Hamon CaseusMemberPossessed
Klaus LunettesMemberPossessed
Cob Portaport / AdoMemberPossessed
Charlotte Roselei / CharlaMemberPossessed
Alecdora SandlerMemberPossessed
Langris Vaude / RatriMemberPossessed
Xerx LugnerMemberFreed
Marx FrancoisMemberPossessed
Golden Dawn / KivnMemberPossessed
David / BavalMemberPossessed

Base of OperationsEdit

Gravito Rock

Eye of the Midnight Sun's hideout.

Although they have smaller locations in and around the Clover Kingdom, the group's main hideout is a floating dungeon within the Gravito Rock Zone.[21] Within the dungeon is a network of tunnels, stairs, and chambers and there are several entrances to the outside, making it easy to infiltrate.[22]


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