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Name Information
Name Dungeon
Kanji 魔宮ダンジョン
Rōmaji Danjon

Dungeon魔宮ダンジョン Danjon」 is a landmark of unknown origins that could emerge at multiple locations without any forewarning.[1]

Overview Edit

A dungeon has been described by mages as an ancient tomb that was established a long time ago. Dungeons usually house countless of treasures, which were left by the people whom built the said dungeons. These treasures could range from a powerful magic tool to an ancient magic.[2]

Structures Edit

The outer-side structure of a dungeon is more than often to be simple and plain architectural style, such as a tower of bricks with a single entrance.[2] They could also take the appearance of a ruin of buildings, but still only has a single gate of entry.[3]

The Black Bulls enter the dungeon

Inner-side of a dungeon.

The inner-side of a dungeon is usually many times larger than the outer-side. It is due to the higher density of mana that distorts the space within the dungeon.[4] Furthermore, a dungeon is also installed with countless of traps by the builder to prevent anyone to reach treasures.[2] The traps are usually in a form of magical circles in which would be activated upon contact. The traps come in great variety of all attributes from a fire-based trap to a plant-based trap.[5]

In addition, other threats within the dungeon would be magical creatures that could attack at any moment.[6] Subsequently, the high mana density also distorts the gravitational force of the dungeon where a river could flow from the walls to the ceilings. Some area of the dungeon could also possess a lower gravitational field, which could cause anything in the area to float.[7]

Gate to the center of the dungeon

Gate to the treasury.

At the center of a dungeon lies the treasury where everything were stored.[8] Similar to every structures in the dungeon, the gate to the treasury is also composed purely of mana with a locking mechanism that prevents anyone from entering the hall.[9]

The inner-side of the treasury takes a form of a spacious hall where all the treasures are laid in an unorganized manner.[10] In a case where someone manages to enter the treasury, the dungeon would collapse as soon as the primary treasures of the dungeon are taken. The locations where the primary treasures were located are usually the point of origin for the cave-in.[11]

Significance Edit

Conquering a dungeon is of a significant matter because of the valuable artifacts inside, which a mage or a Kingdom could secure from the other countries. Additionally, it also prevents any of the powerful magic and magic tools from falling into hands that would use it for unjust reasons. Due to this, every Kingdom would always send their Magic Knights to explore every dungeon the moment it has emerged.[2]

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