Dorothy Ansoit 「ドロシー・アンズワース Doroshī Anzuwāsu」 is the captain of Clover Kingdom's Coral Peacock squad of the Magic Knights.[1]


Dorthy is a young woman seen wearing a witch hat and coat.


Dorothy seems to be a heavy sleeper as she is asleep all the time, despite how much noise is made around her. However, she still seems aware of her surrounding while sleeping, as she votes in the entrance exam[2] and walks by herself during various times.[3][4]


Yuno exam result

Dorothy and the other captains all request Yuno.

Dorothy attends the Magic Knights Entrance Exam[5] and afterwards requests Yuno and passes on Asta to join her squad.[2]

Captains together in the dungeon

Dorothy and the captains arrive for the interrogation.

At Julius Nova Chrono' request, Dorothy attends a meeting of the captains and sleeps while the other discuss and argue,[6] for which Yami Sukehiro yells at her. Marx then contacts them and requests that they come down to the dungeon.[7] There, the captives Catherine and Georg reveal that Gueldre Poizot is the traitor,[8] and Dorothy sleeps through the resulting fight.[9]

The captains watch as Marx displays Gueldre's memories, and afterwards Julius demands that they keep the incident a secret and investigate their own squads, before they go their separate ways.[10]

Dorothy attends the Star Awards Festival but is asleep for the whole ceremony.[4]



  • Dorothy ranked 38th in the first Popularity Poll.[11]


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