Dominante Code 「ドミナント・コード Dominanto Kōdo[1] is a witch and former magic tool craftsman from Diamond Kingdom. She is the wife of Fanzell Kruger.


Dominante is a slender woman with fair skin and orange hair tied in a knot by a blue hat. She wears a long-sleeved dark violet dress with a brown belt and cloak over her shoulders.


Dominante Code is shown to be friendly and kind person. Nevertheless, she is also shown to be rather greedy as she physically vents her frustration on Fanzell for having them live in a ramshackle house while also promoting magical goods to her comrades at a cost.


Dominante was born in the Witches' Forest. Years later, she falls in love with Fanzell Kruger and leaves with him to the Diamond Kingdom.[2] There, she becomes well known for her skill with magic tools.[3]

After growing dissatisfied with the state of the kingdom, Domina and Fanzell flee and are pursued by Mariella, one of Fanzell's students. They are saved by Asta and Black Bulls. Afterwards Domina, Fanzell, and Mariella settle in a house outside of the Diamond Kingdom.[4]

Asta's friends drop in

Domina and the others drop in to grab Asta.

In search of a cure for Asta's cursed broken arms, Noelle Silva and Finral Roulacase visit the Diamond Kingdom fugitives. Domina greets them and berates Fanzell for greeting Noelle while he is naked. They all sit down and Noelle recounts how Asta's were cursed. Domina suggests that the Witch Queen may know how to remove ancient curses, but warns them of her and Vanesa's history and of the queen's dangerous nature.[5] The group then warps to the Black Bull headquarters and picks up Asta.[6]

Outside of the forest, Domina warns them again of the dangers within and produces two invisibility cloaks to hide them. She then leads them to a secret path through the wall.[7] Domina shares her broom and cloak with Noelle and Mariella, and as they are flying Domina tells them about the Security Golems. When Fanzell's cloak and clothes are pulled off by a branch, the group is swarmed by golems and rushes into the palace, crashing on the floor.[8]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Magic Bullet: Dominante is capable of manifesting and concentrating her mana on the tip of her wand. Subsequently, she can launch the mana towards an opponent, blasting them away.[12]


  • Grimoire: Dominante possesses a grimoire that contains various spells.[13]
  • Magic Broom: Dominante uses a magic broom as a mode of transportation.[14]
  • Invisibility Cloak: Dominante created a cloak that hides the appearance and the magic power of those beneath it.[10]
  • Wand: Dominante carries a wand that she uses to cast her magic.[13][12]




Fanzell KrugerEdit

Fanzell Kruger is her husband.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

In Black Clover: Grimoire Battle, Domina appears as a Black Market vendor and sells various items to the player.


  • Dominante's favorite things are money, magic tool development and remodeling, and meat dishes in general.[1]
  • Dominante ranked 56th in the second popularity poll.


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