The Demon-Slayer Sword 「断魔の剣 Danma no Tsurugi[1] is an ancient Anti Magic Weapon.[2]


The sword is summoned out of an opened grimoire, inside which it is stored in the form of writing. The user can easily summon the sword at will without consuming any magical power.[3]

The sword takes the form of a heavy broadsword covered mostly in dirt. The blade and the hilt are separated from each other and connected by a fuller. The blade is huge and has a pointed tip while the base is pointing inward, creating an angle. The sword is capable of cutting magic with its edges and deflecting them with its flat.[4][5] However, when it is used to cut anything else, it would be reduced to a blunt sword that uses blunt trauma to cause damage on the opponent.[6] Although, the tip of the sword is still sharp enough to create a cut wound.[7]

The sword can remove mental enchantment by tapping the person's head with the crossguard.[8][9][10][11]


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