Smoke Creation Magic: Degenerate King's Smoke Prison 「煙創成魔法『堕王の煙獄』 Kemuri Sōsei Mahō "Daō no Engoku"」 is a smoke-based Creation Magic spell.


With an open grimoire, the user generates clouds of smoke that start swirling around the target and form a dome, entrapping the target.[1] The dome of smoke constantly blasts smoke towards the target, who could ultimately suffocate. Additionally, the dome itself is self replenishing every time the target tries to break free.[2]

In contrast, the spell consumes a high amount of magical power, thus it is not suitable for an extended fight. Additionally, while using this spell, the user is unable to locate visually the target as the former is also hiding within the smoke. mana sensory ability becomes essential to utilize this spell to its full potential.[3]


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