Light 「光 Hikari」 is the 36th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

The Magic Emperor manages to restrain members of the White Night Eye, but their leader immediately rescues them. In the meanwhile Fuegoreon finally receives the proper treatments as he is no longer in critical condition.


After Julius Novachrono restrains the members of the White Night Eye, he proceeds on questioning them about the sephirot located within their hideout. Suddenly, a bright light manifests and Rades Spirito, Valtos, and Sally disappear alongside the sephirot. The Magic Emperor postulates that the man behind the Light Magic is the leader of the White Night Eye. Not long after, Marx Francois, Julius' aide, informs him of the situation within the Royal Capital.[1]

Back at the Royal Capital, Fuegoreon Vermillion and Leopold Vermillion finally receive treatments at the medical ward while the other Knights wait outside. As Alecdora Sandler informs his colleagues that the Royal Capital's defenses have been recovered, Julius arrives near them. One of the Knights then informs him of Fuegoreon's condition and the pendant, which he wears, is missing. The reports from the Knights cast doubt on Julius as he reassesses the threat. Afterwards, Julius gives a few words of encouragement to his subordinates in regards to their mission as the Magic Knights.[2]

After Nozel Silva and his siblings leave, Leopold comes out of the medical ward as he reminisces his ambition to become a Knight who is worthy to stand beside his brother. However, he decides to forsake that ambition and vows to become the next Magic Emperor.[3]



Magic and Spells usedEdit

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