The End and the Beginning 「終わりと始まり Owari to Hajimari」 is the 147th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Julius informs Yami that Licht has something else planned, since Licht already has the power to kill everyone in the kingdom already.[1] Julius also tells Yami that Licht had taken the Magic Stones from him and apologizes. Yami tells Julius that Marx would be angry at Julius for saying this, which Julius just replies that he wishes he would be there for when Fuegoleon wakes up. Yami says that he won't let Julius just die like that, but Julius tells Yami that he leaves the rest up to him. Yami thinks about how Julius convinced him to join the Magic Knights, working with Julius as a Magic Knight, and when Julius had made him a Magic Knight Captain. Yami then agrees to handle the rest, while saluting Julius. Julius then comments about how meeting so many people and seeing so many kinds of magic was fun. Julius's grimoire vanishes, and Julius dies.[2] Yami stands up and proclaims that they will protect this kingdom.

At the White Night Eye's base, Cob wonders if everything is going as planned. Inside of the base, Yuno's group reaches the central area, which Mimosa tells everyone to be careful since incredible mana is inside. Yuno replies that no matter the opponent, he has no intention of losing. Once inside the room, they notice that someone is floating in it.[3] As the others wonder about the person, Sylph seems to know the mana.

At Licht's location, Licht's place two Magic Stones within the Tree of Life Monument. Licht tells the others that are with him that the monument will activate once he puts the final stone in. As Valtos expresses his joy, Rades says that a great magic power will awaken within them and that they will show the Magic Knights what true power is. Licht tells the others that he is so proud of them for all their hard work, and also reminds them what they are fighting for. Licht then tells them that he will tell them his true feelings, and informs them how twisted they all are truly are. Licht also explains how truly disgusting their existence is. Licht then places the final stone into the monument, while saying that they will be the foundation for rebirth.[4] The monument starts to glow, which the light reaches all the way to the White Night Eye's base. Once the light reaches the base, the person in the center area wakes up.[5] Mimosa senses the terrifying magic power the person has and says that they need to withdraw but notices that Yuno is glowing.

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