Ice Mist Compound Magic: Cage of Infinite Hail 「氷霧複合魔法『無限氷礫檻』 Hyōmu Fukugō Mahō "Mugen Hyōrekikan"」 is a ice and mist-based Compound Magic spell.


The spell is activated when two users are able to cast an ice and mist magic spell concurrently. Usually two or more mages are required to activate this spell where each of them would use one of the two required spells and combined them afterwards. Upon combining an ice spell and a mist spell, countless icicle would formed and the users could direct them towards their target.[1]

The spell is large enough that it could surround a wide area, which subsequently entraps multiple target and attacks them from multiple directions. Being a combined spell of more than one user, the spell is able to form near infinite amount of icicles and create a barrage of attacks without exhausting the users.[2]


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