Smoke Creation Magic: Bustling Lazy Vehicle 「煙創成魔法『奔走する物臭車』 Kemuri Sōsei Mahō "Honsōsuru Monogusa Kuruma"」 is a smoke-based Creation Magic spell.


With an open grimoire, the user generates a shroud of smoke in the shape of a vehicle similar to a cart. The cart has four wheels with the rear wheels being larger than the front wheels. The body of the cart is spacious enough to comfortable fit five people. It also has a rooftop that covers the rear-half of the body and a chimney that releases smoke.[1] The cart can rise up and travel through the air.[2]

The user is able to use this spell as a transportation device. Additionally, due to the lack of steering device, the user is able to control the cart's movement without having the need of physically controlling it.[1]


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