Broccos 「ブロッコス Burokkosu」 is a mage from the Diamond Kingdom and one of its Eight Shining Generals.[1]


Broccos has a afro and part of his military uniform.


Broccos is an impatient man who enjoys fighting.[2][3] However, he is protective of his men.[4]


Diamond Kingdom force against Kiten

Diamond Kingdom forces approach Kiten.

Broccos, Ragus, and Yargos lead an army to attack Kiten.[1] After Ragus breaks the town's barrier, Broccos ignores Yargos' orders and charges through the wall. Broccos receives word that the Golden Dawn squad has arrived, and laughs that they only sent fourteen members. When Yuno confronts him, Broccos charges but is easily blown back.[5] However, he gets back up, enjoying the challenge.[6]

Broccos prepares to take Yuno on again, but Ragus interrupts and challenges the boy himself, ignoring Broccos' protests.[7] Broccos and Ragus start bickering after Yuno counters Ragus' spell.[8] Lotus Whomalt tries to warn the generals of William Vangeance's magic, but they ignore him.[9]

William defeats Broccos

William defeats Broccos.

Enraged by William's Great Tree Misteltein taking out most of the Diamond Kingdom's force, Broccos charges up toward the captain. Broccos laughs when William answers his attack with a thrown seed, but is cut off as the seed feeds on his mana and immobilizes him. Lotus then ambushes William but is foiled by Yami Sukehiro, so he calls a retreat as he transports Broccos and several other mages.[10]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Creation Magic: Broccos uses this form of magic to create any entities out of red ochre.[11]


  • Enhanced Endurance: After being blasted by Yuno's spell, he gets back up unharmed and continues to fight.[12]
  • Enhanced Magic Power: As one of the Eight Shining Generals of the Diamond Kingdom, Broccos possesses a large amount of Magic Power.[13]


  • Grimoire: Broccos possesses a grimoire that contains various red ochre-based spells.[14]




  • Broccos is the fourth most muscular character.[15]


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