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Series Poll

31 March, 2015

How did you find this series? Votes
Viz Shonen Jump 13
Mangahelpers 9
Anime News Network 3
2chan 2
Others 37
Total 64

30 April, 2015

How far do you think this series could go? Votes
Media Franchise (Movies, Games, etc.) 3
Anime Adaptation 42
Lesser Adaptation (Novel, VOMIC, etc.) 3
1st Anniversary 1
Unpredictable 4
Total 53

31 May, 2015

Why, do you think, William Vangeance wears a mask? Votes
Fashion choice 4
His face is scarred 6
He is Yuno's father 20
He is Yami Sukehiro's younger brother 5
I've got a whole other theory about this 5
Total 42

30 June, 2015

What do you think about the 2nd arc of the series? Votes
Luck is the highlight! 7
Yuno is underused, again.. 4
Mars should be an overarching villain 5
The females are being sidelined!!! 15
Klaus is a total dick 6
Total 37

31 July, 2015

Which one do you prefer as the reason for Asta's magical powerlessness? Votes
Sealed by someone 31
Stolen and used by someone 8
Side effect of an experiment 6
Born that way, i.e. no real reason 39
I've got a whole other theory about this 12
Total 96

31 August, 2015

Who, do you think, would have a better rivalry with Asta? Votes
Yuno 41
Leopold Vermilion 23
Leopold would have a better rivalry with Yuno 11
I'm not interested 5
I've someone else in mind 3
Total 83

30 September, 2015

What do you think of the series' male:female character ratio? Votes
He better starts adding more females!! 30
As long as they're good, I don't care 18
It's still a fairly new series 16
It's a shonen manga! 11
Never have concern about it 6
Total 81

31 October, 2015

What do you think about the 3rd arc of the series? Votes
Fuego Leon is the highlight!! 34
The villain is so one-dimensional 5
Yuno barely contributes to the arc 10
The Magic Emperor is a beast!!! 21
The Silvas are dicks 10
Total 80

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