Black Clover: Quartet Knights 「ブラッククローバー カルテットナイツ Burakku Kurōbā Karutetto Naitsu」 (orig. BC Project) is a third-person magical shooting game based on the Black Clover series.


Players control characters participating in battles within teams of four. Teams fight head-to-head, competing for completion of an objective. All characters have a set of special and unique skills available to them. Every character is classified in one of four types, with each type determining their general strengths and weaknesses:

  • The Fighter 「ファイター Faitā」 attacks aggressively using powerful close-ranged magic and melee attacks in battles. They are the only type that can use melee.
  • The Shooter 「シューター Shūtā」 is efficient at long distance, dealing high amounts of damage and utilizing magic with a variety of different offensive capabilities.
  • The Support 「スポート Supōto」 is able to improve their teammates' performance by boosting parameters of their abilities, sabotaging the other team, or using defense-based magic.
  • The Healer 「ヒーラー Hīrā」 helps the team with healing magic, restoring health to their teammates and even resurrecting fallen allies.
Quartet Knights alternate colors

Alternate colors for Mimosa, Yuno, Asta, and Noelle.

Character selection menus offer alternative color schemes and outfits, and there is an option to customize characters' appearances and abilities.

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There will be multiple modes players can participate in. Here are modes announced thus far:

  • Zone Control: teams of four players race to hold control of the target area. They will be able to fill a gauge by standing within the ring. Having more team members in the ring will increase the gauge fill rate; however, it will risk vulnerability to a full barrage from the opposing team.
  • Treasure Hunt: teams of four players race to pick up a key and carry it to the treasure chest. The team with the more unlocked chests wins.
  • Crystal Carry: teams of four players escort a crystal along a path before the timer runs out. The team that gets their crystal further wins.
  • Challenge Mode: player takes on missions and mini-stories unique to each character. Completing missions will improve characters' combat skills.
  • Story Mode: an original game storyline, Karna Freese seeks revenge on the Clover Kingdom and takes control of several Magic Knights, including Yuno.
  • Training Mode: Players can train and practice how to play. They will be able to understand the game mechanics and train for real battles.





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