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Black Bull Insignia
Name Information
Name Black Bull
Kanji 黒の暴牛
Rōmaji Kuro no Bōgyū
General Information
Leader Yami Sukehiro
Base of Operations Clover Kingdom
Manga Chapter 3

Black Bull 「黒の暴牛 Kuro no Bōgyū」 is one of the nine squads of the Magic Knights. The squad is known for its destructive behavior and has been regarded as the worst squad of the organization.[2][3]


Like the other eight squads, Black Bull follows the orders of the Magic Emperor and will act according to his requests.[4] All squads, including the Black Bull, perform missions all around the Clover Kingdom whether they are official or unofficial.[5]

Additionally, the Magic Emperor rewards stars to squads whenever they have performed excellently on their respective missions. The Black Bulls had gathered -30 stars due to destructive behavior that caused their performance to be more harmful than the threat of the missions themselves. However, due to recent mission successes they no longer have any black stars.[6]

The squad also has a tradition of performing an initiation ceremony when dealing with their new members. This ceremony has been regarded by many of the members as unofficial but exists to measure the quality of its new recruits.[7] Upon the end of the ceremony, a senior member usually bestows the new member with the squad's official robe as proof of membership.[8]


Black Bull members

The Black Bull members.

Black Bull is led by a captain who has the duty to delegate missions, relay messages received from the Magic Emperor, and distribute the members' salaries.[9][10][6] Additionally, the captain decides whether a mage is to be accepted into the ranks of the squad. The decision can be made after the captain has seen the potential member's ability during the exam or out of sheer compassion.[11][12]

Name Rank Status
Yami SukehiroCaptainActive
Noelle SilvaMemberActive
Magna SwingMemberActive
Vanessa EnotecaMemberActive
Luck VoltiaMemberActive
Finral RoulacaseMemberActive
Gordon AgrippaMemberActive
Gauche AdlaiMemberActive
Charmy PapittosonMemberActive

Base of OperationsEdit

Black Bull Headquarters

Black Bull headquarters.

Black Bull's base of operations is a headquarters that houses all of the members. The headquarters is in the form of a castle with asymmetric structures. The castle consists of multiple stories with most of them made of stones and bricks. It has a large number of windows and chimneys and a single wooden gate for an entrance. The castle seems to be located within a forest at an unknown location.[13]

Several features of the castle are a dining hall where the members have their meals, a kitchen to complement the hall, a public bathing area, an underground cage filled with beasts, and a female living quarters which is heavily protected with traps.[14] Regarding living quarters, it would seem to have been established that the senior members have larger quarters than the newer members.[15]


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