Asta vs. Alecdra Sandler, Nebra Silva, and Solido Silva is a fight that occurs during a banquet after the Magic Knights' War Merits Conferment Ceremony.


Once the Magic Emperor leaves the banquet, the high ranking members begin insulting Asta for being here, which Asta easily brushes off.[1] Leopold confronts Alecdra that the Golden Dawn has a slum rat too, to which Alecdra replies that they do not expect anything from Yuno. Klaus tries to defend Asta and Yuno, but Alecdra tells Klaus that he is no different for not feeling any shame for being here.[2]

Nozel, Nebra, and Solido Silva say that Noelle is the worst one of them all and that she should just leave.[3] Noelle turns to leave but Asta stops her and tells her that she does not need to leave. He then gets up on a table and tells them that he has had enough of them talking. Alecdra uses his Sandbox spell to restrain Asta, but Asta uses one of his swords to release himself. Asta continues to talk by saying that he will become the Magic Emperor and make them all eat their words.[4]


The fight begins when Alecdra, Nebra, and Solido say that what Asta said is not funny, and Nebra and Solido try to restrain Asta.[5] Asta easily defeats their spells, and Alecdra notices what Asta is doing and manages to restrain Asta in a way that he cannot use his sword to nullify his spell. Alecdra tells Asta that he will be punished for what he has done, but Solido intervenes and says that Alecdra is being too lenient.[6]

Solido says that Asta needs to be made an example of and fires a spell. Asta uses his other sword to free himself and reflects Solido's attack back at him.[7] Solido is shocked that Asta has forced him to take a knee, and Nozel releases his mana and tells Solido not to use his magic against common folk.[8]


Nozel says that he is going to teach Asta to show some proper respect, but Fuegoreon Vermilion intervenes saying that they should not gang up on one person.[9] Leopold tells Asta that he is quite interesting and that he is now Asta's rival. Fuegoreon tells Nozel that Asta has the right to be here since the Magic Emperor has invited him here, to which Nozel replies by saying that House Vermilion has gotten soft and that he will not acknowledge an insect. They are both interrupted when someone comes in saying that the capital is under attack.[10]


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